Introducing Natural Pool Products

Our line of natural pool products simply perform

Have you ever bought a pool chemical that worked (at least to some degree), but maybe wasn’t quite strong enough to get the job done? Or maybe last year it worked, and this year it seems weaker? Perhaps you have a pool that needs a deep clean, but given your time frame and the products available on the market, your hands are tied.

Nobody likes over-promising or under-delivering companies. So we made darn sure we’re not one of them. Natural Pool Products is a brand that simply performs. The products do what we say they do, and they will never be watered down.

“Just do what you say you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it.”

Being successful in the pool business–or any business, for that matter–means building trust with customers, vendors, and everyone else in your sphere of influence. People struggle to build trust when they don’t follow through with their promises and deliver results. We live by a simple rule: just do what you say you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it.

Natural Pool Products: Simplify pool care

Look at our line of products. You will find our product line is narrow and focused; every product has a purpose. Rather than spit out dozens of product variations, we instead keep our line simple, and allow pool operators and service pros to integrate them into their regimen. Let’s not complicate pool care…instead, let’s streamline it.

Think of all the chemicals it takes to just adjust pH and alkalinity in a swimming pool. Combined with chlorine consumption and backwashing waste, it’s an inefficient system. And yet, it’s the traditional way to manage pool chemistry. Our best customers are the ones who have long believed in the traditional way of doing things…but strived for more. They sought better water quality, better clarity, less chemical use and of course, better margins.

Are you happy with how your pools are managed now? If there were a better way; a more meaningful water chemistry program with less, would you try it? If so, welcome to Natural Pool Products. We’re glad you’re here.