Here you will find our best attempts at creating pool videos worth watching. We are not videographers. Our purpose is to educate and share meaningful information. Let us know if there’s a topic or a pool video you want us to cover!


Blue PRO Phosphate Remover in a 1.2M gallon pool
Watch a 1.2 million gallon pool receive phosphate removal treatment from Natural Pool Products (Blue PRO).


How to use Naturally FREE
Explanation of how to use Naturally FREE in your pool (with Spanish subtitles). Metal and scale control is important on startups and preventing scale or metal stains from occurring.


How to use Naturally POLISH
Walkthrough of how to use our new chitosan-based clarifier, POLISH.


How to use Blue PRO
Explainer video about Blue PRO concentrated phosphate remover. Measure before you pour, this is a strong product. Removes orthophosphates on contact!


How to use Naturally PURE / Simply PURE
Video to explain how to use PURE enzymes from Natural Pool Products. Simply PURE is enzyme only, whereas Naturally PURE has a phosphate remover in it too.


Testimonial: City of Henderson