naturally polish water clarifier plus enzyme, enzyme water clarifier

Water Clarifier + Enzyme

Our clarifier was formulated in a way that has already begun to disrupt the clarifier market. Rather than put a cheap, synthetic polymer with some blue dye in a bottle, we decided it needed to be much different–much stronger. Like every product in the Natural Pool Products line, it had to be NSF certified, standard 50 at a minimum. But could we get it pure enough to meet the NSF’s drinking water safety standard 60?

Yes, we did. Currently, Naturally POLISH water clarifier is the only pool clarifier on the market that meets the NSF/ANSI Standard 60. It’s all-natural, so no synthetic polymers or dyes. Instead, we used a chitosan formula, and added our flagship enzyme to the blend. The enzyme adds tremendous strength and the ability to break down non-living organics near the surface of the water, where body oils, grease and other organic waste floats to. Adding the enzyme allows Naturally POLISH water clarifier to cut through the grease and clarify right in front of your eyes.

If you have cloudy pool water, or maybe pollen and oils on the surface of your pool, give Naturally POLISH a try. It may not be strong enough to handle all the organic waste, because it wasn’t designed to. It was designed to clarify. For heavy bather loads, you should by using Simply PURE enzymes anyway. Naturally POLISH is primarily a residential or lightly trafficked commercial pool product. It also works well in spas and hot tubs.