naturally free scale and metal sequest

Scale and Metal Chelant

Naturally FREE is designed to hold metals and minerals in solution (chelated). The result is prevention of metal stains in the pool, as well as calcium scale. Naturally FREE is most commonly used on new pool startups, as it gives about 60 days of protection while the plaster surface cures and hydrates. This product can also be used in pools to remove stains and scale, depending on the severity of the problem. If nothing else, it can help.

Naturally FREE is non-phosphate based. Why is that important? Because if it were like most sequests in the pool market (phosphonic acid-based), a phosphate remover like Blue PRO would wipe it out. It’s wasted money because the chemicals directly conflict. Ours is compatible with phosphate removers. Remember, we are all about simplifying pool care, not complicating it.

One common problem we use Naturally FREE for is dissolving sharp calcium crystals that form on the plaster surface during cold winter months. Another use is prevention of plaster dust (carbonated calcium hydroxide), which is not easily dissolved in water. Naturally FREE helps pull it into solution and get it off the walls. Balance the LSI and use Naturally FREE and enjoy how much less brushing you have to do after a pool startup.

Of all our products, this is arguably the most dynamic and complicated to understand. Contact us or your local authorized dealer to learn all the many applications for Naturally FREE Scale and metal chelant.